Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How To Setup SalesForce Environment To Enable Lightning Development

Lightning Environment

In this module, you set up your environment to enable Lightning development.
What you will learn 
  • Create a Namespace 
  • Enable Lightning Components in your Salesforce Environment / Org 
  • Upload Static Resources for use in your Lightning application

Step 1: Create a Namespace

A namespace is globally unique across all Salesforce organizations. Namespaces are case-insensitive and have a maximum length of 15 alphanumerical characters.
1. Login to your Salesforce Developer Edition
2. Click Setup 
3. In the Quick find box Search for Packages, Click Create > Packages 
4. Click Edit and Continue 

5. Enter the namespace prefix you want to register, and click Check Availability. If the namespace you entered is not available, try again until you find a namespace that is available.
6. Click Review My Selections
7. Click Save

    Step 2: Enable Lightning Components

    1. Click on Setup
    2. Click Develop > Lightning Components 
    3. Check the Enable Lightning Components checkbox 
    4. Click Save

      Step 3: Upload Bootstrap as a Static Resource

      To help you make the application look good, you will use a version of Twitter Bootstrap customized to match the Salesforce1 guideline.
      1. Download and unzip the Salesforce Foundation Bootstrap
      To download click on Download button, or to view on Github click on Github Button Link.
      2. In Salesforce, click on Setup
      3. Click on Build > Develop > Static Resources

      4. Click New
      5. Specify BootStrap as the Name, then click the Choose File button, and select the bootstrap.css in the dist/css directory of the unzipped bootstrap folder

      6. Click Save

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