Wednesday, August 22, 2018

SalesForce Lightning App Builder

Salesforce Lightning

👉Steps To Be Followed Before Lightning Components Implementation Begin's
Salesforce Custom Domain or Salesforce my Domain must be enabled to use Lightning Components in

In This Tutorial, we will learn how to Enable a Custom Domain for a Developer Org, so that we can Use It for Salesforce Lightning.

Custom Domain URL will be like

To Create Custom Domain Follow Below Steps :

1. Click on Setup
2. In the Quick Find Box, Enter My Domain.
3. Click on My Domain.
1. You can Directly Navigate to Administer | Domain Management | My Domain.
Select My Domain
2. Enter the Name of your SubDomain after https:// and Check Availability.
Typically, a subdomain is your name of a company, or you can include your own name as long as it's Unique.
If the Name was already taken, choose another name.
3. Click Register Domain.
After clicking on Register, It will take Few Minutes to Complete Registration.
and you will receive a Confirmation Email.
 4. Click on Login to Test Your Domain Registration
 5. Click on Open.
In Step 4, You can Edit your Domain Settings.
Like.., Login Policy : Enabling this Prevent the User from Login with the URL :

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