Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Salesforce Trailhead : Platform Developer -1 Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

Unit : Platform Developer -1 Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

1. Which Visualforce code can a developer use to provide Lightning look and feel to Visualforce pages?
A) <apex:includeLightning/> in the <style> element
B) lightningStylesheets = “true” in the <style> element
C) lightningStylesheets = “true” in the <apex:page> element
D) apex:includeLightning = “True” in the <apex:page> element

2. How can a developer detect the current user’s Salesforce user interface type in JavaScript on a Visualforce page?
A) Use the UserInfo.getUITheme() function
B) Use the UITheme.getUITheme() function
C) Use the Organization.getSettings() function
D) Use the SessionManagement.getCurrentSession() function

3. Which class enables a developer to test platform events in Apex unit tests?
A) Use the @IsTest annotation
B) Use the HTTPCalloutMock class
C) Use the EventBus.TestBroker class
D) Use the @RemoteAction annotation

4. Which Apex method eliminates the need for a SOQL query to determine the developer name for a record type?
A) System.RecordTypeId.getDeveloperName()
B) Schema.RecordTypeInfo.getRecordTypeId()
C) System.String.getDeveloperName()
D) Schema.RecordTypeInfo.getDeveloperName()

5. How can a developer troubleshoot governor limit problems in transactions that include multiple flows?
A) Use breakpoints in Developer Console
B) Add system.debug() statements to the flow
C) Set the workflow debug level to Finer in the debug log
D) Add flow screen to display limits during the flow

6. What can a developer reference to ensure that a consistent value is used in the criteria for multiple validation rules?
A) A list custom setting in the validation rules
B) A global value set in the validation rules
C) A custom permission in the validation rules
D) A custom metadata type in the validation rules

7. Which statement is true about the new Lightning URL format?
A) URLs that use /one/one.app in email templates must be update
B) Components with existing URLs that use /one/one.app will continue to work
C) The change applies to all Salesforce apps, console apps, mobile versions and communities
D) Installed Lightning components will automatically translate the old URL to new format

8. How can a developer redirect a user to a Lightning page from a Visualforce page?
A) Generate a URL using UserInfo.getUITheme()
B) Generate a URL using PageRference.getURL()
C) Generate a URL in the format /lightning/r/sObject/sObjectID
D) Generate a URL in the format /one/one.app#/sObject/sObjectID

Salesforce Trailhead - Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

Unit : Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

1. Which feature can an App Builder use to get an industry certification number for an account based on its NAICS field?
A) Workflow rules
B) Processes
C) External Services
D) Outbound Messages

2. How can an App Builder protect contact information from being seen by the marketing team when that contact is added to a campaign?
A) Set campaign member sharing settings
B) Remove the Contact field from page layouts
C) Create a cross-object formula on campaign with contact information filtered by profile
D) Add campaign member sharing rules

3. Which new piece of information is now included in flow and process error emails?
A) The step name that caused the error
B) The organization name where the error occured
C) The variable name that caused the error
D) The validation rule name where the error occured

4. A process fails with a “Too many SOQL calls” error. How can an App Builder troubleshoot the problem?
A) Add an email alert to the process that includes error information
B) Use the debug log and set workflow debugging to FINER
C) Add an update record action to save the error message on the record
D) Configure an ErrorHandler Apex class on the process

5. How can an App Builder associate a flow with a specific record for Lightning console?
A) Use the Guided Action List
B) Add the flow to the page layout
C) Use a Record Action record
D) Add the flow to the utility bar

6. How can an App Builder provide rich text data entry to Salesforce mobile users?
A) Create a flow and add that to the mobile layout
B) Install an AppExchange package
C) Add the rich text standard Lightning component to a record page in Lightning App Builder
D) Ensure the Rich Text Field is included on a Page layout used by our mobile users

7. How can an App Builder organize reports for a global sales team so that each region sees reports specific to them?
A) Define report sharing settings
B) Disable enhanced folder sharing
C) Create report subfolders under the Sales Report folder
D) Use report scheduling

8. Which feature can an App Builder use to share a Lightning dashboard with users each morning?
A) Dashboard subscriptions
B) Reporting snapshots
C) Process builder email alerts
D) Process builder email alerts

9. An App Builder is building a Flow for Accounts, and needs to know if there are more Open Cases or more Closed Cases on each Account. Which Flow feature would the App Builder use to determine the answer?
A) The Equal count assignment operator
B) Flow Variables in a Loop Element
C) Flow Formula in a comparision element
D) Record lookup Elements for cases.

Salesforce Trailhead - Administrator Certification Maintenance (Summer ’18)

Unit : Administraion Certificate Maintenance (Summer '18)

1. In what type of format does a field, using the data type Time, appear in Lightning and the Salesforce mobile app?
A) Calendar
B) Picklist
C) Clock
D) Clock Text

2. A marketing operations user has been tasked with the job of merging duplicate leads that are owned by the lead generation team. What configuration setting should the system administrator set to allow the operations users to merge and delete leads they don’t own?
A) Assign the Modify All Data permission to the user
B) Assign the Marketing User profile to the user
C) Enable Org-Wide Merge and Delete setting
D) Assign the user to a Delegated Administrator Group

3. What Salesforce feature can a system administrator configure to guide a sales rep through the customer lifecycle?
A) Paths for Contacts
B) Custom Status Field
C) Path for Leads
D) Interaction Log

4. How should a system administrator organize report folders so global sales reports are grouped together, then subgrouped by region?
A) Use a folder naming convention that includes sequential numbers for each region
B) Create a folder for sales reports and subfolders for each region
C) User folder sharing to limit the visibility for each region’s folder
D) Pin the Global Sales folder above the Regional folders

5. What type of email template must be used so users can send attachments in an email by dragging and dropping the file into the email?
A) Text only
B) HTML email publisher
C) Visualforce
D) Letterhead

6. On which page layout will users have the ability to view a dropdown menu for Reply, Reply All, and Forward email functions?
A) Case close layout
B) Activity layout
C) Home page layout
D) Case feed layout

7. What Salesforce component allows users to switch between languages when viewing knowledge articles?
A) Language Selector
B) Language Field on the Company Profile
C) Language Field on the User Record
D) Translation Workbench

8. Where are community members able to create or revise knowledge articles?
A) Partner Community
B) Customer Community
C) Napili Template
D) Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Templates

Salesforce Trailhead - Marketing Cloud Social Studio Specialist Certification Maintenance (Spring '18)

Unit : Marketing Cloud Social Studio Specialist Certification Maintenance Spring '18

1. A social media manager sets up several topic profiles to look for people talking about various aspects of their brand in social media. She would like to set up an automated weekly report in the Reports section of Social Studio Analyze to understand total posts and sentiment for those posts. How many topic profiles can she add to one report?
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Unlimited
2. What are two requirements for publishing video to Instagram through the Social Studio mobile app?
A) Maximum File Size is 20MB and Maximum Duration 60 Seconds
B) Maximum file size is 15 MB and must be an MP4.
C) Must be an MP4 and Maximum Duration 60 Seconds.
D) Must be an MP4 and Maximum File Size is 20MB

3. What are the four Publish options within the Facebook Scheduler?
A) Publish Now, Schedule from Social Studio, Send as Unpublished, Schedule to Facebook
B) Publish Later, Schedule from Social Studio, Send as Unpublished, Schedule to Facebook
C) Publish Now, Schedule Outside Social Studio, Schedule to Facebook, Send as Unpublished
D) Publish Later, Schedule From Social Studio, Schedule to Facebook, Send as Unpublished

4. A business analyst has been tasked with merging several existing brand topic profiles into one overall brand topic profile. This will be done via the new topic profile export/import capability in Social Studio Analyze. What is the maximum amount of keywords that can be imported per keyword group to the new topic profile?
A) 100
B) 1000
C) 500
D) 5000

5. Which component of Social Studio allows users run reports for their Pinterest social accounts?
A) Analyze
B) Publish
C) Analyze and Publish
D) Admin and Publish

6. The digital manager for Northern Trail Outfitters has the overall responsibility of posts being published on time for an upcoming campaign. She notices in her Social Studio tasks tab that there are posts waiting for approval by an approver who is on vacation. To ensure the posts are approved and scheduled for publishing on time, which feature can she use?
A) Approve
B) Override and Approve
C) Crisis Management Mode
D) Override

7. Northern Trail Outfitters recently purchased Einstein Vision for Social Studio. They would like to build a topic profile with brand keywords. Using Einstein Vision for Social Studio, which four image classifications do they now have access to in Social Studio Analyze Workbenches?
A) Brand Logos, Scenes, Foods, Objects.
B) Brand Logos, Themes, Objects, Locations.
C) Scenes, Positive and Negative Image Sentiment, Gender, Locations.
D) Countries, Cities, Foods, Brand Logos

8. The community manager for Northern Trail Outfitters would like to use threshold alerts to send a daily update to her mobile device when the brand is mentioned in a negative way. Where can she set this alert up?
A) Analyze Dashboard.
B) Analyze Workbench
C) Engage Tab
D) Reports

Salesforce Trailhead - Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Maintenance (Spring '18)

Unit : Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Maintenance Spring '18

1. A customer wants to create an automation that runs a SQL Query then sends an email to the resulting audience. Which type of activity can be used to confirm the audience count is greater than zero before sending the email?
A) Filter
B) Refresh Group
C) Verification
D) Wait

2. A marketer is troubleshooting a template-based email. What is the best method for viewing the full HTML?
A) Send a test email and view the source code
B) Select the View Code button in Content Builder
C) Export the template and individual content blocks
D) Right-click in Content Builder and Inspect the HTML

3. What is the benefit of using a reference block instead of AMPScript within a template-based email in Content Builder?
A) The editor shows the content of the referenced block
B) AMPScript is only allowed in a paste HTML email
C) A reference block acts as a pointer to an existing block
D) There is no benefit, as both approaches behave the same

4. An email was developed where some subscribers meet none of the Dynamic Content rules. What is the expected result for those subscribers?
A) The email will raise an error and the subscriber will be skipped
B) The email will deploy without any content int he Dynamic Content block
C) The email will deploy with content from the last rule
D) The entire send will fail to deploy until another rule is created

5. A customer sends monthly promotional emails that require legally approved terms and conditions. The emails are created at the parent level and shared with the child business units when the new promotion starts. Which feature can the customer use to ensure the terms and conditions stay intact?
A) Inbox tools
B) Approvals
C) Content locking
D) Restrict a content area

6. A pre-event journey is created to prepare conference attendees before their arrival. All registrants get an initial email the day they register, and then two weeks before the conference, another email will be sent to them at 9 AM eastern time. Which type of Wait is best to address this?
A) Wait for a Date Based on an Attribute value
B) Wait for a Period of Time
C) Wait until a specific date
D) Wait by attribute duration

7. A marketer would like to include some basic personalization while sending an email in Content Builder to a Sendable Data Extension, but they cannot recall the field names in the DE. Which option from the personalization toolbar selector should be used to insert appropriate personalization strings?
A) Choose New Data Source
B) System Attributes
C) Profile Attributes
D) Any string currently listed

8. Northern Trail Outfitters’ (NTO) marketing team wants to differentiate test emails from live sends by using the words ‘For Review’ in the subject line of every email sent for testing purposes. What can NTO do to ensure they receive a warning before sending any emails with the words ‘For Review’ in the subject line?
A) Create a validation rule to prevent the sending of test emails to live audiences
B) Configure Standard Approvals to include select key words for sends
C) Add the selected key words to Subject/Preheader Validation
D) Ensure that the administrator enables testable subject lines for send flows