Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Salesforce Trailhead - Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

Unit : Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

1. Which feature can an App Builder use to get an industry certification number for an account based on its NAICS field?
A) Workflow rules
B) Processes
C) External Services
D) Outbound Messages

2. How can an App Builder protect contact information from being seen by the marketing team when that contact is added to a campaign?
A) Set campaign member sharing settings
B) Remove the Contact field from page layouts
C) Create a cross-object formula on campaign with contact information filtered by profile
D) Add campaign member sharing rules

3. Which new piece of information is now included in flow and process error emails?
A) The step name that caused the error
B) The organization name where the error occured
C) The variable name that caused the error
D) The validation rule name where the error occured

4. A process fails with a “Too many SOQL calls” error. How can an App Builder troubleshoot the problem?
A) Add an email alert to the process that includes error information
B) Use the debug log and set workflow debugging to FINER
C) Add an update record action to save the error message on the record
D) Configure an ErrorHandler Apex class on the process

5. How can an App Builder associate a flow with a specific record for Lightning console?
A) Use the Guided Action List
B) Add the flow to the page layout
C) Use a Record Action record
D) Add the flow to the utility bar

6. How can an App Builder provide rich text data entry to Salesforce mobile users?
A) Create a flow and add that to the mobile layout
B) Install an AppExchange package
C) Add the rich text standard Lightning component to a record page in Lightning App Builder
D) Ensure the Rich Text Field is included on a Page layout used by our mobile users

7. How can an App Builder organize reports for a global sales team so that each region sees reports specific to them?
A) Define report sharing settings
B) Disable enhanced folder sharing
C) Create report subfolders under the Sales Report folder
D) Use report scheduling

8. Which feature can an App Builder use to share a Lightning dashboard with users each morning?
A) Dashboard subscriptions
B) Reporting snapshots
C) Process builder email alerts
D) Process builder email alerts

9. An App Builder is building a Flow for Accounts, and needs to know if there are more Open Cases or more Closed Cases on each Account. Which Flow feature would the App Builder use to determine the answer?
A) The Equal count assignment operator
B) Flow Variables in a Loop Element
C) Flow Formula in a comparision element
D) Record lookup Elements for cases.

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