Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Salesforce Trailhead : Platform Developer -1 Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

Unit : Platform Developer -1 Certification Maintenance (Summer '18)

1. Which Visualforce code can a developer use to provide Lightning look and feel to Visualforce pages?
A) <apex:includeLightning/> in the <style> element
B) lightningStylesheets = “true” in the <style> element
C) lightningStylesheets = “true” in the <apex:page> element
D) apex:includeLightning = “True” in the <apex:page> element

2. How can a developer detect the current user’s Salesforce user interface type in JavaScript on a Visualforce page?
A) Use the UserInfo.getUITheme() function
B) Use the UITheme.getUITheme() function
C) Use the Organization.getSettings() function
D) Use the SessionManagement.getCurrentSession() function

3. Which class enables a developer to test platform events in Apex unit tests?
A) Use the @IsTest annotation
B) Use the HTTPCalloutMock class
C) Use the EventBus.TestBroker class
D) Use the @RemoteAction annotation

4. Which Apex method eliminates the need for a SOQL query to determine the developer name for a record type?
A) System.RecordTypeId.getDeveloperName()
B) Schema.RecordTypeInfo.getRecordTypeId()
C) System.String.getDeveloperName()
D) Schema.RecordTypeInfo.getDeveloperName()

5. How can a developer troubleshoot governor limit problems in transactions that include multiple flows?
A) Use breakpoints in Developer Console
B) Add system.debug() statements to the flow
C) Set the workflow debug level to Finer in the debug log
D) Add flow screen to display limits during the flow

6. What can a developer reference to ensure that a consistent value is used in the criteria for multiple validation rules?
A) A list custom setting in the validation rules
B) A global value set in the validation rules
C) A custom permission in the validation rules
D) A custom metadata type in the validation rules

7. Which statement is true about the new Lightning URL format?
A) URLs that use /one/one.app in email templates must be update
B) Components with existing URLs that use /one/one.app will continue to work
C) The change applies to all Salesforce apps, console apps, mobile versions and communities
D) Installed Lightning components will automatically translate the old URL to new format

8. How can a developer redirect a user to a Lightning page from a Visualforce page?
A) Generate a URL using UserInfo.getUITheme()
B) Generate a URL using PageRference.getURL()
C) Generate a URL in the format /lightning/r/sObject/sObjectID
D) Generate a URL in the format /one/one.app#/sObject/sObjectID

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