Saturday, November 17, 2018

Apex Trigger For Creating a Related Record on Account Object

Trigger On Account Object To Create a Related Record 

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Today I'm going to discuss on How to Create a Related record on any Object (Standard / Custom) In Salesforce.

Suppose, we are creating a New Account & We need to have a related records like Contact, Opportunity . . . 
For this kind of Situations, we will use APEX Trigger that will solve all the Business use cases.
Here we are going to create a Trigger for creating the Related records on Account Object.

USE CASE : Trigger For Creating the Related Record ( Opportunity Record ) When ever New Account is Created or If an Account is Already created but NO OPPORTUNITIES are created for that Account then will create a Related Opportunity for that Account (Existing Accounts).

 Description : Create New Opportunity on Account (Related Record) when no Opportunity was created before to that Account.  
 This Trigger Even Used for Creating an Opportunity When ever New Account was created.  
 trigger AddRelatedRecord on Account(after insert, after update)   
   //Create Opportunity List To Store the Opportunities   
   List<Opportunity> opportunityList = new List<Opportunity>();  
   //Get Related Opportunity Records For The Accounts  
   Map<Id,Account> accountsWithOpp = new Map<Id,Account>  
   ([SELECT Id,(SELECT Id FROM Opportunities) FROM Account WHERE Id IN :Trigger.New]);  
   // Check for All the Accounts & If Any Accounts doesn't have the Opportunity   
   Then ADD The Related Opportunity to that account.  
   // Iterate Through Each Account.  
   for(Account acc : Trigger.New) {  
     System.debug('accountsWithOpp.get(acc.Id).Opportunities.size()=' + accountsWithOpp.get(acc.Id).Opportunities.size());  
     // Check if the account already has a related opportunity.  
     if (accountsWithOpp.get(acc.Id).Opportunities.size() == 0) {  
       // If it doesn't have then, add Default opportunity  
       opportunityList.add(new Opportunity(Name=acc.Name + ' Opportunity',  
   if (opportunityList.size() > 0) {  
     insert opportunityList;  

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