Sunday, April 28, 2019

Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Spring '19)

Unit : Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Spring '19)

UNIT : Learn What's New For App Builders:-

1. Which permission does an app builder need to access the Flow Builder?
A. Flow Manager
B. Author Apex
C. Manage Flow
D. Lightning Experience User

2. Where can an app builder change the layout of a Lightning page?
A. Page Layout
B. Properties
C. Page Navigator
D. App Options

3. An account team is no longer needed. What action can the account owner take to remove the entire team?
A. Create a custom action.
B. Use Transfer Account Team.
C. Remove all members manually.
D. Use Remove All Members.

4. Which language can an app builder use to build Lightning web components?
C. JQuery
D. Visualforce

5. Which relative set of date/time fields can an app builder specify in a macro when it is run?
A. Now, Time, Date
B. Today, DateTime, Date
C. Time, Date, DateTime
D. DateTime, Time, Today

UNIT : Get Hands-on with Customized Home Pages and Components:-

Now you can make your Lightning pages more dynamic by configuring home page components.
You've been given a requirement to make the Sales app home page specific for the Sales team. Build out a custom Lightning home page for the Sales app.
👉Launch a new Trailhead Playground
If you see an error when attempting to launch the playground, wait a few minutes and try again. It could take up to 15 minutes for the Playground to load.
👉Create a new Lightning page:
Page type: Home Page
Label: Sales Home Page
Template: Standard Home Page
👉Add the following components to the page:
Rich Text
Chatter Feed
Today's Events
Today's Tasks
👉In the Rich Text component:
Add the text: Welcome!
Set font to: Salesforce Sans
👉On the Rich Text component, add a filter to set component visibility:
Field: Permissions > Standard Permission > Lightning Experience User
Operator: Equal
Value: True
👉Save and activate the page for all users.

👉Assign the page as the org default.

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