Sunday, April 28, 2019

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Spring '19)

Unit : Administrator Certification Maintenance (Spring '19)

UNIT : Learn What's New in Spring '19:-

1. On which set of objects can an administrator customise the Stage Setup Flow?
A. Leads and cases
B. Leads and opportunities
C. Account and contacts
D. Campaigns and campaign members

2. How many blocks are available in joined reports?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 8

3. An account team is no longer needed. How can the account owner remove the entire team?
A. Create a custom action
B. Use Transfer Account Team
C. Create a Delete Team process builder
D. Use Remove All Members

4. Which set of actions can an administrator take with subtab options in Console?
A. Refresh, customize, promote
B. Promote, publish, close
C. Promote, refresh, delete
D. Refresh, customize, publish

5. For which object can an administrator grant data sharing rules within workflows?
A. Tasks
B. Opportunities
C. Products
D. Contracts

6. Which relative date/time can an administrator specify in a macro when it is run?
A. Months from now
B. Years from today
C. Hours from now
D. Minutes from today

UNIT : Get Hands-on with Lightning Pages:-
Don’t like the layout of a Lightning page? Did your business needs change? Now with a few clicks, you can swap a Lightning page’s template.
You've been given a requirement to change the Account Record Page Lightning template.
👉Launch a new Trailhead Playground
If you see an error when attempting to launch the playground, wait a few minutes and try again. It could take up to 15 minutes for the Playground to load.
👉Create a new Lightning page:
To create a Lightning Page, Follow below Steps:-
Step 1 : Setup - Quick Findbox - Search for Lightning App Builder
Step 2 : Click on New 
Type: Record Page
Label: Account Management
Object: Account
Template: click Clone Salesforce Default Page, and then select Account Record Page Default
Click Finish

👉Change the Page Template to Header, Subheader, Left Sidebar
Leave template mapping as is and click Done

👉Add the following standard components to your page:-
Recent Items
👉Save and Activate; assign page as the Org Default

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