Saturday, June 15, 2019

Automate Record Creation

Unit : Automate Record Creation

👉Install the unmanaged package for the schema and stubs for Apex classes and triggers. 
👉Rename cases and products to match the HowWeRoll schema, and assign all profiles to the custom HowWeRoll page layouts for those objects. 
👉Use the included package content to automatically create a Routine Maintenance request every time a maintenance request of type Repair or Routine Maintenance is updated to Closed.
👉Follow the specifications and naming conventions outlined in the business requirements.
#Apex Trigger
 trigger MaintenanceRequest on Case (after update) {  
#Apex Class
 public class MaintenanceRequestHelper {  
     public static void updateWorkOrders(){  
     Map<Id, Case> mantnceReqToEvaluate = new Map<Id, Case>();  
     for(Case mantnceReq : (List<Case>){  
       if((mantnceReq.Type.contains('Repair') || mantnceReq.Type.contains('Routine Maintenance')) && mantnceReq.Status == 'Closed'){  
         Map<Id, decimal> mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle = getMapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle();  
         List<Case> lstOfMaintenanceRoutines = getListOfMaintenanceRoutineList(mantnceReqToEvaluate, mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle);  
     System.debug('lstOfMaintenanceRoutines :::::::: '+lstOfMaintenanceRoutines);  
     if(lstOfMaintenanceRoutines != null && lstOfMaintenanceRoutines.size() > 0)  
       INSERT lstOfMaintenanceRoutines;  
     private static Map<Id, decimal> getMapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle(){  
     Map<Id,decimal> mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle = new Map<Id, decimal>();  
     for(Product2 prod : [SELECT Id, Maintenance_Cycle__c from Product2]){  
       mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle.put(prod.Id, prod.Maintenance_Cycle__c);  
         return mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle;  
   private static List<Case> getListOfMaintenanceRoutineList(Map<Id, Case> mantnceReqToEvaluate, Map<Id, decimal> mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle){  
     List<Case> lstOfMaintenanceRoutines = new List<Case>();  
       for(Case maintenance : mantnceReqToEvaluate.values()){  
       Case maintenanceNewIns = new Case();  
       maintenanceNewIns.Vehicle__c = maintenance.Vehicle__c;  
       maintenanceNewIns.Equipment__c = maintenance.Equipment__c;  
       maintenanceNewIns.Type = 'Routine Maintenance';  
       maintenanceNewIns.Subject = 'Your Routine Maintenance Schedule';  
       maintenanceNewIns.Date_Reported__c =;  
       maintenanceNewIns.Date_Due__c = getDueDate(maintenance, mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle);  
       maintenanceNewIns.Status = 'New';  
       maintenanceNewIns.Origin = 'Phone';  
     return lstOfMaintenanceRoutines;    
   private static Date getDueDate(Case maintenance, Map<Id, decimal> mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle){  
     Date dt = null;  
     if (mapOfProdIdWithMaintenanceCycle.get(maintenance.Equipment__c) != null) {  
       dt =;  
     return dt;  

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