Thursday, October 17, 2019

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Summer '19)

Unit : Administrator Certification Maintenance (Summer '19)

UNIT : Learn What's New in Summer '19:-

1. An administrator needs to customize hyperlinks to match corporate branding. Which setting can the administrator set to assign custom colors to hyperlinks?
A. Use global header color.
B. Use brand-based color.
C. Use brand color.
D. Use theme-based color.

2. How can different Activities Views be used once the default Activities View is enabled by the administrator?
A. Users can toggle between Classic and Lightning.
B. The administrator can provide delegated access to specific users.
C. The administrator can apply specific permissions in a permission set.
D. Users can switch between preferences.
3. Which filter option can administrators recommend to help a manager filter on tasks for their team?
A. My team's tasks
B. My team's role
C. My tasks
D. My team's region
4. By how many levels can dashboard components be sorted?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5
E. 10
5. Which dashboard component should an administrator use to show subtotals?
A. Bar charts
B. Lightning table
C. Metric components
D. Stacked bar charts

UNIT : Get Hands-on with Inserting Images into Your Email Templates

Include images in your email templates
Make your email messages stand out by adding images to your email templates.
Step 1: Switch to Lightning.
Step 2: In Quick find box Search for Lightning Email Templates.
Enable Folders and Enhanced Sharing for Lightning Email Templates

Step 3: In order to access email template folders, you’ll need to add Email Templates as a tab in lightning.
Switch to Sales Application –Click on Personalize your navigation bar icon – Click on Add More Items - Click on All & Search for Email Templates – Select Email Template
Add Email Template Tab in Sales Application.
Click on Save
Step 4: Next after adding Email Template Tab, Click on Email Template Tab.

Next after adding Email Template Tab, Click on Email Template Tab.

Step 5: Click on New Folder, Enter Label as Sales & Save It
Step 6: After Creating the Folder Create New Template
Create an Email Template
Email Template Name: General
Folder: Sales
Subject: General
Insert an image

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