Thursday, October 17, 2019

Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '19)

Unit : Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (Summer '19)

UNIT : Learn What's New For App Builders in Summer 19:-

1. Which attribute can an app builder use to make a dependent picklist screen component in flow screens required?
A. {!$GlobalConstant.DefaultValue}
B. {!$GlobalConstant.False}
C. {!$GlobalConstant.True}
D. {!$GlobalConstant.Required}

2. How can an app builder determine what flow type best meets a specific business process?
A. Flow Blocks
B. Flow Templates
C. Flow Interviews
D. Flow Reference

3. An app builder needs to notify an account owner of a new support case logged by a high-risk account. Which feature should the app builder use to send a custom notification to the account owner?
A. User workflow
B. Einstein Next Best Action
C. Chatter notifications
D. Notification Builder

4. Agents need to be able to see email attachments easily when reviewing cases. Which related list can the app builder add to the case page layout?
A. Files related list
B. Attachments related list
C. Email related list
D. Source related list

5. Where should an app builder go to create a Lightning letterhead after enabling enhanced letterheads for Lightning email templates?
A. Setup > Email
B. Setup > Lightning Email Templates
C. Setup > Letterheads
D. App Launcher > Email Templates
E. App Launcher > Enhanced Letterhead

UNIT : Get Hands-on with Sales Milestones Confetti
Celebrate Sales Milestones with Path Help your teams celebrate their successes with virtual confetti when sales reps reach a designated path stage.

Step 1: Setup a Path 
Click on Setup - In Quickfind box search for Path Settings, Click on Path Settings, Enable the Path Settings(If You are doing for the First Time), Else Click on New Path. Enter the details as below.
Path Name: Milestones
Object: Opportunity
Record Type: Master
Picklist: Stage
Click Next in Step 2; we don't need to configure guidance for success

Step 2: Enable confetti
Selected for Celebration: Closed Won
Celebration Frequency: Always
Ensure the path is Active and then click Finish

Step 3: Create Opportunity
Create an opportunity:
Opportunity Name: Big Deal
Closed Date: Enter today’s date (we won’t check for this)
Stage: Prospecting
Step 4: Change the Stage To Closed Won.
Use path to set the current stage of the Big Deal opportunity to Closed Won

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