Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter '20)

Unit : Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter '20)

UNIT : Learn What's New For App Builders in Summer 19:-
1. What can an Administrator use to determine different levels of team member access to an Account?
A. Visualforce pages
B. Export account teams
C. Account team hierarchy
D. Report on account teams
2. An Administrator needs to automatically add account team members to an account. What tool can the Administrator use to meet this requirement?
A. Global Actions
B. Einstein Next Best Action
C. Process Builder
D. Lightning Web Components
3. What access does the Team Member Access button show when selected?
A. Maximum access
B. Global access
C. Controlled by parent access
D. Default access
4. Where would an Administrator go to customize the opportunity contact roles?
A. Setup > Object Manager > Contact
B. Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity Contact Role
C. Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity
D. Setup > User > Roles
5. Where can an Administrator find a sender signature field?
A. Page layouts
B. Formula field
C. Variable tags
D. Merge field picker
6. How many approval processes can be active in one org?
A. 300
B. 500
C. 1,000
D. 2,000
7. Which reference type is available when an Administrator uses the "Where is this used?" button on a field?
A. Formula Field
B. Email Template(Lightning)
C. Report Filter
D. URL Link

UNIT : Add Compliance Categorization to Your Contact Fields:-

Cloud Kicks needs to update their Contact field data to be in compliance with GDPR, PII, and HIPAA. Add compliance categorization to the contact fields.
Before you begin, we strongly recommend creating a new Trailhead Playground. To do this, scroll to the bottom of this page, click the down arrow next to Launch, and select Create a Trailhead Playground. It typically takes 3–4 minutes for Salesforce to create your Trailhead Playground.
Note: Yes, we really mean a brand-new Trailhead playground! If you use an existing org or playground, you can run into problems completing the challenge.
Add compliance categorization to the Email field:
Compliance Categorization: GDPR
Add compliance categorization to the Phone field:
Compliance Categorization: PII
Add compliance categorization to the Birthdate field:

Compliance Categorization: HIPAA

Step 1: Click on Setup – In Quick find box enter contacts – Click on Fields under contacts.
Step 2: Click on Edit, next to Email Field, Choose GDPR and Save.

Step 3: Click on Edit, next to Phone Field, Choose PII and save.

Step 4: Click on Edit, next to Birthdate Field, Choose HIPPA and save.

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