Monday, April 6, 2020


Learn Web Designing From #FreeCodeCamp

Hi My Dear Friends,

Today I would like to share an Information about How to Improve Programming Skills (For Beginners and Professionals)
If you are looking your career in Web Development, then this is for you.
Learn Web Designing like HTML, CSS, Java Script from Scratch with some Real Challenges.

#FreeCodeCamp is similar to Trailhead in Salesforce.
Some Key Information about #FreeCodeCamp is The Beginners can learn the Programming from basics.

Just Follow Below Steps To Begin:
Step 1: SignUp & Start Learning at FreeCodeCamp.
Click on the URL to signup.
You can directly register with Google Account, Github, Facebook or Email.
Step 2: After Registration, Start Leaning...
Complete Modules Step By Step.

Interesting Fact is you can also Earn Certifications by completing the Challenges and Task's.

1. Responsive Web Design Certification.
👉Basic HTML and HTML 5
👉Basic CSS
👉Applied Visual Design
👉Applied Accessibility
👉Responsive Web Designing Principles
👉CSS Flexbox
👉CSS Grid
👉Responsive Web Designing Projects
2. Java Script Algorithms and Data Structures Certifications.
👉Basic JavaScript
👉Regular Expressions
👉Basic Data Structures
👉Basic Algorithm Scripting
👉Object Oriented Programming
👉Functional Programming
👉Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
👉JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structures Projects
3. Front End Libraries Certification.
👉React and Redux
👉Front End Libraries Projects
4. Data Visualization Certification.
👉Data Visualization with D3
👉Data Visualization Projects
5. API's and Micro Services Certification.
👉Manage Packages with Npm
👉Basic Node and Express
👉MangoDB and Mongoose
👉APIs and Micro Services Projects
6. Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification.
👉Information Security with HelmetJS
👉Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai
👉Advance Node and Express
👉 Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects.

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