Apex - Programming

SalesForce APEX

Module 2 : Salesforce Development – APEX Programming


List Class Scenarios

Set Class Scenarios

Map Class Scenarios

Advance Example Programs


Overview on SOQL and SOSL

Fetching Records on VF Using SOQL

Inserting Records from VF to Salesforce

Debug Logs

Static SOQL

Dynamic SOQL

Relational SOQL ( P - C and C - P )

Functional SOQL (Aggregate, Date)

Creating Interface Using SOQL

Governing Limits on Apex

DML Operations

DML Statements vs Database Class Methods

Database DML Operations

Insert Statements

Update Statements

Upsert Statements

Delete Statements

Undelete Statements

Merge Statements

Rollback Operations

SavePoint In DML

Controllers In Apex                             

Standard Controller

Standard Set Controller

Custom Controller

Controller Extensions

EMail Service Using Apex Class        

Ovieview of Email Sending

Outbound Email Service

Inbound Email Service

Email Service Using Templates

Sending PDF Attachments

Sending VF Attachments

Mass EMail Message Sending

Creating Methods For Sending EMails

Syntax for Send Emails

Real Time Scenarios

Custom Setting

List Custom Setting

Hierarchical Custom Settings

Asynchronous APEX

Future Method-Long Running

Queueable Apex-Chain Jobs

Batch Apex-Large Data Volumes

Scheduled Apex : Run On Schedule

Scheduled Apex - Implementation

Scheduled Apex - Invoking Future Method from Schedule

Scheduled Apex - Schedule Using Point and Click

Scheduled Apex - Schedule Using Code Customization

Batch APEX

Iterable Class



Start Method

Execute Method

Finish Method

Sending Email From Finish Method


Debug Batch Apex

Creating Future Methods in Batch Apex

Implementing Database.AllowCallouts

Call Batch In a Batch

Serialize Batch By Batch

Real Time Scenarios

APEX Triggers

Overview On Triggers

Trigger Events

Before Triggers

After Triggers

Insert Triggers

Update Triggers

Delete Triggers

Undelete Triggers





Recursive Triggers

Validation Rule with Trigger

Workflow with Trigger

Invoking Batch Apex, Callouts From Trigger

Invoking Schedule, Future Methods From Triggers

Real Time Scenarios

APEX Test Class

Overview on Test Classes

Start Test, Stop Test

Test Class on Apex Class

Test Class on Batch APEX

Test Class on Schedule Apex

Test Class on Triggers

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