Learn CPQ

Salesforce CPQ Topics:-

Getting Started with Salesforce CPQ
👉Salesforce CPQ Installation
👉Guidelines for Setting Up Salesforce CPQ
👉Mapping Custom Fields Between Objects
👉Guidelines for Using Salesforce CPQ in Multicurrency Orgs
👉CPQ Favourites
👉Importing Quote Lines from CSV Files
👉Apply Visual Themes to the Quote Line Editor
👉Override Default CPQ Custom Labels
👉Adding a Parameter to Lookup Field Searches
👉Translating Salesforce CPQ Records
👉CPQ For Lightning Communities
👉CPQ Object Relationships
👉CPQ Object and Term Glossary
👉CPQ Account Fields
👉CPQ Page Layouts
👉CPQ Package Settings
CPQ Products:-
👉Types of Products
👉Product Pricing Methods
👉Summary Variables
👉CPQ Product Fields
Create and Edit CPQ Quotes:-
👉Using the Quote Line Editor
👉Manage Your Bundles in the Configurator
👉Product Rules
👉Price Rules
Send Your CPQ Quotes:-
👉Building Your CPQ Documents with CPQ Templates
👉CPQ Quote Document Management
👉DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ
👉CPQ Quote Template Fields
Advanced Approvals:-
👉Advanced Approvals Patch Notes
👉Preview or Submit a Record for Approval

Salesforce CPQ Trailhead Modules:-

Salesforce CPQ Basics
Salesforce CPQ Features
Trail – Learn Salesforce CPQ Admin Fundamentals

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