Install Docusign Package into Salesforce Production / Sandbox Environment

Step 1 : Login to Salesforce Production / Sandbox / Dev Environment.
Step 2 : Click on App Exchange
Step 3 : IN Search, Enter Docusign and Select Docusign for salesforce and click on Get It Now.
Click on below Link : It will redirect to App Exchange
Step 4 : Click on Get It Now
Step 5 : Login to App Exchange
Step 4 : Select Install for Admin Only / Install for All Users / Install for Specific Profiles as per your Requirement.
Step 5 : Click on Install.
Step 6 : After Installing the Package, You can able to view the Package Details in Installed Packages ( In Quick find box, Search for installed packages).
Step 7 : Click on Docusign For Salesforce in Installed Packages, Click on Configure.
Step 8 : On Clicking Configure, Enter your Docusign Credentials (If you already have an account created with Docusign ) else click on create Docusign account.
Step 9 : Enter Docusign User Email Id & Password.
Select Production / Sandbox / Demo (For Trail Version ).
Step 10 : Click on Login. It will authenticate and send response as Login Successfull.
Step 11 : On Successfull Login, you will be redirected to Docusign Admin Page.

For Additional Documents Click on below Links:
1. Docusign Support Center
2. Docusign for Salesforce v6 Release Notes.
3. Docusign for Salesforce User Guide
4. Docusign for Salesforce Administrator Guide

Docusign Setup For Salesforce

Step 1 : Create an Account in Docusign
click on below URL For creating a Docusign Account : 
Go To :
Step 2 : Click on No Account ? Sign up for Free

Step 3 : On clicking No Account ? Sign up for Free, you will be redirected to Registration Page.
Enter The Details Required & Click on "GET STARTED"
Step 4 : On Successful registration, Email will be triggered from Docusign for Activation.
Click on Activate Link 
Step 5 : Enter Password & Security Question.
Step 6 : On Activation, you will be redirected to Docusign Home Page.

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