Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Components Step By Step:-

Hi My Dear Friends,
This Post is about Leaning LWC From Basics.

Step 1: What is Lightning Web Component, Why Salesforce Introduced Lightning Web Component.
🔗 Introduction To LWC
Step 2: Create Salesforce Developer Org
Step 3: Setup with Salesforce DX: Learn How to Install Visual Studio Code, Salesforce CLI and Authorize Your Salesforce Environment (Dev/Sandbox/Production)
🔗 Salesforce CLI:
🔗 Visual Studio Code:
Step 4: Learn How to Setup Scratch Org with DevHub Org
Step 5: Useful Salesforce DX Commands
Step 6: 
Step 2. Learn How to Create Your First Hello World Lightning Web Component
Step 3. Learn How to Create Lightning Web Component using Lightning-Datatable
Component Folder Structure while creating Lightning Web component.
Step 4: Know How to define Case Types in Lightning Web Components with an Example.

Few Tips and Tricks in Salesforce Lightning Web Components:-
👉How to use refreshApex in Lightning Web Components 
👉How to call Lightning Web Component from Salesforce Quick Actions

More To Know:
1. List of Salesforce Supported/UnSupported Experiences and Tools

👉To learn Lightning Web Components from Trailhead please use below Trailmix.

👉Lightning Web Components References:-

📘Debug Your Lightning Web Component

📙Developer Guide for Lightning Web Components:

📙Developer Tools for Lightning Web Components:

📗Introducing Lightning Web Components Recipes, Patterns and Best Practices:-

📘Migrate Aura Component to Lightning Web Components:

📗Component References:

📗LWC Sample Gallery:-

📘Documentation ChangeLog:-

📘Lightning Web Components in Lightning Communities:-

📼Video Links:-

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