Process Automation Specialist Superbadge

Process Automation Specialist

Pre-work and Notes:-

Create a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge. Your new org will have all the special data you need. (Be sure to create a Trailhead Playground, and not a regular Developer Edition org. Only Trailhead Playgrounds have the correct data for these challenges.) Using this org for any other reason might create problems when validating the challenges.

Step 1 : Create a New Trailhead Playground.
To do this, Login to Trailhead using your Salesforce Developer Org Credentials.
If you have trouble installing a managed or unmanaged package or app from App Exchange, follow the steps in this article.

Find the username and password for your Trailhead Playground
Installing a package or app to complete a Trailhead challenge
Install Package in Trailhead Playground, Select only for Admin's

Unit : Automate Leads

Create a validation rule, two queues for leads, and a lead assignment rule as specified in the business requirements.

Step 1 : Click on setup, In Quick find box search for Validation Rules.

Step 2 : Click on Validation Rules under Lead.

Step 3 : Create New Validation Rule on Lead Object.
✏Rule Name : US_Validation_Rule
Active : Checked
Error Condition Formula 
Error Message : You can’t create non USA located leads
Error Location : Country
Label: Assembly System Sales
Queue Name: Assembly_System_Sales
Queue Email: none
Send Email to Members: Not Checked
Supported Objects: Lead

Label: Rainbow Sales 
Queue Name: Rainbow_Sales
Queue Email: none
Send Email to Members: Not Checked
Supported Objects: Lead
Create Assignment Rule on Lead Object.
Rule Name : Sales Automation Specialist – Rule
Active : True
Rule Entries :
πŸ“ŒLead Source EQUALS Web.
Assigned To : Queue – Rainbow Sales
πŸ“ŒLead Source EQUALS Partner Refferal, Purchased List.
Assigned To : Queue – Assembly System Sales.

Unit : Automate Accounts

Create validation rules and account formula fields as specified in the business requirements. Use the following field names.

For this metric or field, Use this Field Name
πŸ‘‰FORMULA Fields :-
✅#Field 1:
Label: Number of deals
API Name: Number_of_deals__c 
Data Type: Roll-Up Summary
Summary Type: COUNT
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: None
#Field 2:
Label: Number of won deals 
API Name: Number_of_won_deals__c 
Data Type: Roll-Up Summary
Summary Type: COUNT
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won
#Field 3:
Label: Last won deal date 
API Name: Last_won_deal_date__c 
Data Type: Roll-Up Summary
Summary Type: MAX
Field to Aggregate: Opportunity: Close Date
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won
#Field 4:
Label: Deal win percent 
API Name: Deal_win_percent__c 
Data Type: Formula
Return Type: Percent
Decimal Places: 0
Formula: Number_of_won_deals__c / Number_of_deals__c
#Field 5:
Label: Amount of won deals
API Name: Amount_of_won_deals__c 
Data Type: Roll-Up Summary
Summary Type: SUM
Field to Aggregate: Opportunity: Amount
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won
#Field 6:
Label: Call for Service
API Name: Call_for_Service__c 
Data Type: Formula
Return Type: Text
Formula: IF( DATE( YEAR(Last_won_deal_date__c)+2 , MONTH(Last_won_deal_date__c) , DAY(Last_won_deal_date__c) ) <= TODAY(), 'Yes', 'No')

Valdation Rule #1
Rule Name : US_Address_Validation
Error Condition Formula :
LEN(BillingState) > 2,
NOT(OR(BillingCountry ="US",BillingCountry ="USA",BillingCountry ="United States", ISBLANK(BillingCountry))),
NOT(OR(ShippingCountry ="US",ShippingCountry ="USA",ShippingCountry ="United States", ISBLANK(ShippingCountry)))
Error Message : You can not save a new account unless the shipping and billing state fields are valid US state abbreviations, and the country field is either blank or US, USA, or United States.
Error Location : Top Of Page

Rule Name : Name Change
Error Condition Formula :
IF(ISCHANGED(Name)&&(ISPICKVAL(Type,'Customer - Direct')|| ISPICKVAL(Type,'Customer - Channel')), True ,False)
Error Message : You can’t change the Account name for “Customer – Direct” or “Customer – Channel”

Error Location : Account Name

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