Salesforce Admin

SalesForce Admin

Module 1 : Salesforce Administration

Sales Cloud – Generic Business Process

Service Cloud- Customer Service

Salesforce – Platform

Features of Sales Cloud

Features of Service Cloud

Creating User Login Credentials



Setup – Personal Setup



About Administration Setup

Lead :

Assignment Rule

AutoResponse Rule

Lead Process


Public Knowledge Base

Standard Applications


Standard Tabs

Self Service Portal

Standard Objects

Esclation Rules

Creating Custom Applications

Company Information

Creating Custom Objects


Creating Company Profile

Creating Custom Tabs


Setting Fisca Year

Creating Custom Fields using Data Types


Setting Business Hours

Creating Custom Picklist and Dependencies


Setting Holidays



Setting Language



Identifying Edition


Managing Users

Creating Users

Creating Roles

Creating Custom Profiles

Discussion on Standard Profiles

Creating Permission Sets

Creating Public Groups

Creating Queues

Login History

Relationships In Salesforce

Lookup Relationship

Master-Detail Relationship

Many-to-Many Relationship

Juntion Object

Rollup Summary Fields

RealTime Senarios

Applying Validations and Formulas

Overview of Validation

Creating Validation Rules

Applying Formula in Validation

Page Layout on Objects

Mini PageLayout

Search Layout

Record Type

Field Level Security on Layout

Object Level Security Model

Profile Level

Permission Set Level

Field Level Security Model

Profile Level

PageLayout Security

Permission Set Security

Record Level Security Model – Sharing Settings

Overview of Record Level Security


Sharing Rules

Grant Access Using Hierarchies

Internal Access

External Access

Manual Sharing

Owner Based Sharing Rule

Both Usage of Profile and OWD

Real Time Scenarios

WorkFlow and Approvals

Overview of Workflow

Email Alerts


Field Updates

Outbound Messages

Time Dependent Workflow Actions

Order of Execution

Approval Process Definition   

Dynamic Approval Process

Multi-Step Approval Process

Parallel Approval Process

Approval Process Actions

Real Time Scenarios


Data Management With SFDC

Overview Import Wizard

Limitations of Import Wizard

Data Export

Import Objects

.CSV File Usage in Salesforce

Import Data into Salesforce

Data Loader : Overview



Data Loader : Mapping With Fields

Upsert Data

Batch Process


Mass Transfer Records

Mass Delete of Records

Process Builder

Overview of Process Builder

Working with Process Builder

Workflows with Process Builder

Security Settings 

Single-Sign-on settings

Session Settings

Password Policies

Identity Providers

Login Access

Identity Connect

Email Administration :


Test Deliverability

Organization wide Default

Setting Email Footers

Compliance BCC Email

Email Admin Setup

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